Amandas valg

Amandas valg

It's the summer of 1929. The guests from Copenhagen are back at Andersen's seaside hotel by the North Sea, ready to be pampered by the kind, local maids and the exquisite food from Mrs Andersen's kitchen. Merchant Madsen's eldest daughter Amanda is also on her way from her travels overseas - this has been arranged by her parents in order to get her away from an unfortunate romantic acquaintance. The maid Fie is looking forward to Amanda's arrival with mixed emotions since she is the only one who can help acquit Fie's boyfriend, Morten, from the accusation that has kept him on the run the past year. But will Amanda do it - will she help Fie and Morten? Then two young men move into the hotel with a record player and plenty of jazz records, and they're looking for adventure.

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