Episode #1.6

Episode #1.6

Nobody thanks John for his revelation though Caroline's younger son Lawrence accepts the situation. Celia,on the other hand,does not and shows her disapproval strongly,shocking Alan and Gillian. Celia agrees to meet Kate at a family dinner party but her bigotry ruins the evening as well as driving a wedge between Kate and Caroline and Alan calls the wedding off,disgusted by this new side to his fiancee.Caroline and Celia have a huge row but later Celia visits Kate,explaining that,in view of her own stale marriage,she only wants the best for her daughter but now accepts that that will mean being with Kate and the women are reconciled. Alan in the mean time has a heart attack but after Celia has visited his bed-side and brought him up to date the wedding is on again. Written by don @ minifie-1

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