Gambini the Great

Gambini the Great

Daredevil Rudolpho Gambini is the headlining act for a traveling circus; his signature act is the burning box, wherein bound and chained, he attempts to escape a burning coffin before being overcome by smoke and flames. However, the aging Gambini (aka Gambini the Great) no longer has the skills to escape the box as he once did; circus workers are forced to rescue Gambini. At the hospital, Gambini angrily rejects his family's plea to retire; when eldest son Stefano announces his intention to seek an education (rather than carry on the generations-old circus show), the elder Gambini tells him to get out. Younger son Marco keeps silent, but confides in Stefano that he too has no desire to be a circus performer. Weeks later, a fully recovered Gambini and his entourage arrive in Walnut Grove for a series of performances; Mrs. Olesen is the promoter and gleefully welcomes the show to town. After school, the children watch the Gambinis rehearse their act and the children are awestruck at ... Written by Brian Rathjen [email protected]

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