The Movie Star

The Movie Star

Rebecca Duvall has finally made it to rehearsals. Many in the company are in awe of working on a project with such a big star. But Rebecca turns out to be less than the perfect leading lady for this project: she isn't a strong singer, and her many demands include having more book and less song in the production. The creative team have to decide how to deal with Rebecca, which may work to Ivy's benefit. Ivy is hoping that Rebecca crashes and burns so that she can work her way back into the lead role. This situation brings her together with Karen in an interesting meeting point. Meanwhile, some relationships are flourishing while others are floundering. Karen and Dev seem to be drifting apart as Dev deals with not getting the press secretary job, which he has yet to tell Karen. He seems to feel more comfortable talking to R.J. about his problems. With a little help from Julia, Tom and Sam embark on the start of their relationship. It ends up being a little different than what Tom had ... Written by Huggo

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