Scott, Stiles and Alison are surprised to hear how long their druidic 'nemathon' near-death experience lasted, Deaton warns it may have long-term after-effects, possibly constituting a major curse. Indeed each is tormented by a kind of delusions, in Stiles's case mainly dyslexia, for Alison loos of marksman-crucial sensory and muscular control, turning her into a danger, so Isaac has to save Lydia from her arrows. Scott is worst-off, with nightmares and grim jealousy over Alison, which he works out on 'good sport' Isaac, but also loss of control over transformation, so Stiles can barely get him out of sight in time. Now the sheriff knows about the supernatural problems, he reassesses past cases, but Scott's biological father, Rafael McCall's is instructed to conduct a hostile investigation that may well see Stilinski deposed. Derek and Peter are meanwhile suffering electric torture. Written by KGF Vissers

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